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Bamdad film is an independent film-production company based in Tehran / Iran. This company mainly focuses on women, human-rights and social issues. Bamdad Film has produced more than 10 documentary and feature films since 1997 when started its activities. The manager is Manijeh Hekmat, a member of Iranian ...


  • The Baluch women are lonely and hopeless living next to the waves of the sea and strange mountains.
  • These lullabies as a form of cultural heirloom have been passing on from mothers of previous generations to the next.
  • The song sung by a familiar voice to lull the child to sleep.
  • a lame childless woman in Boushehr
  • The Turkmen's women are waiting for a lover to come from the far land.

The Lullabies

ManiJeh Hekmat

The lullabies of these women are not only for the children but for all human beings whom in the present time need the lullabies for consolation.

- To all mothers of Persia


This is the story of three lonely Characters who live in different floors of an apartment. It is a strange relationship, because there is only one way: the voices.

There are things, you don't know

A secluded taxi driver in Tehran awaiting an earthquake; one of his passengers gives him enough motivation to act and bring about a change in his life.

Voroode Aghayan Mamnoo

Mrs. Giahi, chemistry professor of "Golestan" high school, quits her job because of needs to rest on seventh month of pregnancy and it's the same time as one month left to Olympic test.

Women's Prison

In the event of a violent riot in women's prison in Tehran, TAHEREG, a young women is sent to suppress the revolt by the authorities. She manages to crush the riot trough harshness.

Poopak & Mash Mashalah

Poopak , Ehteram's nephew returns to Iran from Canada.Ehteram , who has a busy life , suffers a heart attack at the same time.Then , she asks Mash Mashallah to take care of Poopak.This is a beginning of stories between Mash Mashllah and Poopak , each from a different world


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